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What are the seating arrangements?
Is there disabled access and are there concessions?
Are children welcome?
What are the start and end times?
Where can I park?
Is smoking allowed?
Can I bring my dog?
What if the concert is cancelled?
What if it is raining?
How do I claim a refund?
Will there be food and drink to buy?
How can I collect my tickets?
Can I bring a tent overnight?
Summary of ticket types and terms

Seating in the theatre

All tickets buy you space to sit on a patch of grass on a terrace or bank in the theatre, first come first seated. We don't allow chairs in the main auditorium and recommend you bring a mat or a cushion to sit on. If you are unable to sit on the ground, please phone 01647-252752 and request a chair pass for the disabled access deck.   [top]

Disabled access

Full details on access for disabled guests, and concessionary tickets for Personal Assistants on this page

Tickets for children

Yes, children are welcome and we expect them to be properly supervised by parents (no running about in the auditorium, and accompanied when out of the auditorium)
Children under 14 are eligible for the child rate whatever date the tickets are purchased.
Children under 3 come free.
If you bring a buggy/pushchair you will be allocated space on the easy access deck - not in the main auditorium. [ top]

Start and end times

Theatre gates open at 7.15pm.
Concerts begin at 8pm. 
Concerts finish at about 10pm. [ top]


Free car parking is available from 6.30pm. Our stewards will direct you on arrival at Sheldon.  [ top]


As it is an outdoor venue we do not forbid smoking in the theatre, but we trust that theatregoers will respect the needs of those seated near them and refrain if asked to do so. [ top]


Only official assistance dogs are welcome in the theatre. Other dogs may be left in owners' cars but may not be toileted or exercised on Sheldon premises. [ top]

What if the concert is cancelled?

If a concert is cancelled because the Artist cancels (eg due to illness) then a full refund will be made. Instructions for claiming such a refund will be provided on the website.
If a concert is cancelled because of impossible weather there are no refunds and no transfers available for the cheap Early Bird or Advance ticket types.
Premium tickets will be refunded in full.   [ top]

What if it's raining?

In the event of rain, the concert will go on unless weather conditions make it unsafe. Sheldon regulars bring a waterproof mat, waterproof clothing, sturdy boots and an umbrella. If you decide not to attend, then Early Bird and Advance tickets are forfeit without refund/transfer option. If you have purchased a Premium ticket then you can get a full refund as long as you notify the Sheldon office before 10am on the day of the concert (see below) [ top]

How do I claim a refund?

For Premium and Child tickets you can claim a refund for any reason up to 10am on the day of the concert. To register your refund claim you must telephone (01647-253916) or email ({~86|74|71|67|86|84|71|34|85|74|71|78|70|81|80|16|87|77|16|69|81|79~}) before 10am. There will be no refunds for late notifications. 

When Sheldon has your ticket (either because it was held at the Box Office or because you have posted it back) we will refund your money by you telephoning during office hours (allow a week before calling if you posted) and we refund the money onto your card. Please be patient as the office can be busy at peak times. 

Food and drink

We have a selection of tasty hot barbecue food and hot and cold drinks from our famous Burger Bar. Also, sweets and chocolate at the Box Office. You may bring your own picnic meal. You may also bring your own drink but as a licensed premises we are responsible for the consumption and behaviour of visitors to Sheldon. Drunken behaviour is not acceptable and we reserve the right to require visitors putting themselves or others at risk to leave the premises. [ top]

Collecting tickets

If we receive payment for your tickets 4 working days or less before the concert then we will hold them at the Box Office for you to collect on the night. [ top]


Yes to tents, no to caravans, campervans and motorhomes

Here is the link to the camping factsheet. [top]

Summary of ticket types and terms

All Concerts
Early Bird buy before 30th June
no refunds no transfers
Advance buy 1st July until day before event
no refunds no transfers
Premium  buy any time
refundable for any reason until 10am on day of concert

Child (under 3s come free)

under 14s, buy any time
refundable for any reason until 10am on day of concert